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Welcome to Ocean Blue Prime, where culinary excellence meets unparalleled dining experiences in the heart of Rye, NY. Our restaurant is the result of the combined expertise and passion of Jeton Prelvukaj (Tony) and Andrew Tonaj, two industry veterans dedicated to bringing you the finest in dining.

Jeton Prelvukaj, known to many as Tony, boasts an illustrious career including a prestigious tenure at Peter Luger Steakhouse and ownership of the acclaimed Wayne Steakhouse. With over 30 years of experience, Tony has mastered the art of high-quality beef, sourced exclusively from Strassburger Meats Company. His culinary expertise, however, transcends the steakhouse tradition, as he brings his skill to the realm of exquisite seafood at Ocean Blue Prime.

Andrew Tonaj, Co-Owner of Ocean Blue Prime, shares Tony's vision and dedication to excellence. His extensive experience in the restaurant industry complements Tony's, creating a dynamic partnership that ensures every aspect of your dining experience is executed with precision and passion.

Our menu is a testament to Tony and Andrew's commitment to quality and innovation, offering a variety of meticulously crafted dishes that celebrate the finest ingredients from both land and sea. Each meal is a journey, showcasing their exceptional ability to blend flavors and create unforgettable dining experiences.

Join us at Ocean Blue Prime for a meal that promises not only to satisfy but to impress. Whether you're a connoisseur of prime beef or a lover of fresh seafood, our restaurant is designed to delight every palate with the combined expertise of Tony and Andrew. Discover the perfect harmony of taste and tradition in a setting that is as elegant as it is inviting. Welcome to the pinnacle of fine dining. Welcome to Ocean Blue Prime.


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Monday - Sunday Lunch 12pm - 3pm Dinner 3pm - 10pm
530 Milton Road
Rye, NY 100580